Glacier Wedding Band


The Glacier Ring Collection speaks deeply to Michelle as a designer and lover of the great outdoors. Every single ring is individually crafted by hand from start to finish so that each ring contains it's own unique character and pattern of glaciers that "float" around your ring. Every glacier island is unique in shape and inlayed with your choice of stone or gem.

The technique for this ring is inspired by an ancient enameling technique called plique-a-jour, meaning "letting in daylight". A look that is similar to stained glass, plique-a-jour historically uses glass enamel, however Michelle instead uses natural gem stones to fill each glacier.

The glacier inlay rings are part of a collection inspired from Michelle's adventures in Alaska.

:: Featuring hammered edges &  a true comfort fit. 

:: Add diamonds or gemstones 

:: Handmade to order, 7-8 week turnaround time