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The Artist

michelle lenae in studio profile

About Michelle Lenáe

Michelle Lenáe discovered she had an affinity for jewelry back in 2001 when she took an introductory metals course at the University of Washington and fell head-over-heels. With a Bachelors degree in Metals and Jewelry Fabrication under her belt, she launched her first collection in 2003.

Continually moving forward and broadening her creative strokes, Michelle pushes her skills as a metalsmith, exploring different techniques with new, exotic materials. She sources all of her materials, found worldwide, from domestic suppliers who share the same passion for sustainable and responsible mining and trade.  All metals used in Michelle’s shop are recycled coming from trusted refiners.

Michelle believes that jewelry is an expression, not just an accessory. It is art that adorns the body expressing history, culture, tradition, hope, friendship and love. “One of my biggest inspirations is knowing that people will treasure their jewelry, hopefully for generations, and pass their treasures down to their children and grandchildren.”

Lenáe individually handcrafts each piece of jewelry to order in her Seattle studio.