Gemstone Inlay Mountain Ring


Drawing from Michelle Lenáe's exquisite mountain range collection, the Gemstone Inlay Mountain Ring boasts your preferred mountain range with an inlay of gemstones to make this ring a personalized, unique piece. Crafted with comfort fit for optimum wear, this design offers unparalleled style.

:: Polish finish with hammered edges 

:: Semi & precious gemstones are subject to an additional fee*

:: Handmade to order, turnaround time approximately 7-8 weeks

After you’ve placed your order, please send us a message with an image of the mountain range(s) you would like featured on your custom ring. Within a week we will reach out to you to begin finalizing the designs for your Rainier summit ring.  If you have rock from your mountain climb and you would like to use it for the inlay, please contact Michelle Lenae.

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