Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring


This exquisite Smokey Quartz Cocktail Ring and it’s finely hand faceted high domed top won’t melt in your hand but can melt your heart. In a cool neutral shade of brown, this beautiful rock is wrapped in a warm blanket of 14k Yellow gold. The bezel contains an open bottom, (a perfect place for me to pierce an inspiring word or favorite flower) or leave open to allow the chocolate colored gem to shine naturally.

Handcrafted entirely from recycled metals, the 3/4-1” round semi precious stone is handset using traditional techniques and centered on a 3mm wide sterling silver domed (1/2round) band. The silver band contains a softly brushed satin-matte finish on a finely hammered surface.

:: Gemstones measure 16mm (5/8″)

:: Handcrafted from recycled 14k yellow gold and sterling silver

:: Made to order, 4-5 week turnaround time